Issue with lightning

Hi everyone,

I have lightning problem, but i don’t know where it came from. I’m loading a gltf scene;
When i have only Ambient Light, i see the color of the model.
When i use Directionnal Light or Point Light, without any Ambient Light, the model is going from black to white; It seems like it doesn’t use the color of the objet?

Using render.clearShader() or render.setShaderAuto() doesn’t change anything.
I’m using latest Panda 1.10.5, installed via pip.

This is what it look like in blender, with a basic directional light (sun):

This is just with an AmbientLight with 0.9 color:

This is just with a DirectionnalLight with color 1.:

This is just with a DirectionnalLight with color .2:

Do your models have materials applied? I seem to recall–although I may be mistaken–that Panda uses material colours when rendering under a DirectionalLight, rather than object colours.

(If so, you could try either removing the materials and seeing whether that fixes the problem, or applying your colours instead as diffuse material colours.)