Is this game idea good?

Does the game sound good

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I am thinking about a game where you need to catch an evil magician and during the game you would see him do all the tricks here:

The game would not say how they are done though. Do you think this is a good idea?

What’s the game part of it?

Why do I feel like you are just plugging your website?

I think that your kind of game is more adapted to flash, and big website full of ****** game, realy, thats not to bash, but, the idea is far from beign complex enough to justify using any kind of serious tool.

And i also vote for the fakepost for free publicity.

I just get redirected to the main page which is some bad ad about magic tricks, and I seriously doubt this is video game related in the slightest.

May I vote for ¨This is an ad.¨ please?


Never seen a spambot before?

This post shows signs of intelligence, unlikely that it was a spambot. I’ve removed the link though, I’m guessing he was just trying to boost his site’s PageRank.

sorry, i could not help it :slight_smile:

We are half way there it seems.

No, I’m not a spambot.

I do not own the website.

I put the link there so that it would put what i was saying into more context.

Can I put the link back?

By the way the game is going well. It is in a 3d platforming game style. The magician runs ahead of you and you need to catch up to him. at each level he gets faaster.

@Pierrick soetimes a simple game is a good game, things don’t always need to be complex.

Go right ahead! :slight_smile:

Oh, sorry ,we were under attack of spambots recently, glad to hear that you are making progress, i am not mod but you can put link back :slight_smile:

They are evolving…

great, the link is back :slight_smile: