Is this a good thing or bad thing?

If I played all animations for a character at one time, set all the controleffects to 0.0 and then only raise effects on certain animations at certain times for blending, would that harm an fps?

Especially if you had a lot of animations all triggered at one time constantly playing from app start to end.

I’m guessing this would destroy the frame rate. I don’t know if having controled effect set to 0.0 is equal to stopping an animation or not. If it is, then such an idea might not kill an fps.

Setting the control effect to 0 is equivalent to stopping the animation for the purposes of CPU utilization. Having all of your animations “playing,” with most of them set to a control effect of 0, is a common way to perform animation blending.

Feel free to test some of these ideas experimentally as well. It’s often a good way to get a handle on the way an engine wants to be used. :slight_smile: