is there md5 function ?


Maybe it is not related directly to panda, But I hope to get help , is there any md5 functio to encrypt passwords ? ( similar to md5 in php ) ?


Python has that library. It is deprecated in favor of something called “hashlib”.

hashlib has md5, as well as other hashing systems

Thanks all for reply.

But when I use md5 in php for password : 1234567
i get this string : fcea920f7412b5da7be0cf42b8c93759

But i cant get same string with python.

I have a users database, i want to be able to check user name and password.

Any one done similar ?

finally done by this code :

import md5

print n.hexdigest()

Thanks for a help

the md5 module is deprecated. rewrite your code to something like this:

from hashlib import md5
n = md5()
print n.hexdigest()

take a look at for more examples and in-depth explanations.