Is there limits and performance issues on collisions?

Is there a limit on collisions to be checked?

Lets say when the collission check runs on an item, and the computer has to check it against all the types of items in the game world, how many different types of items can the computer check against before it begins to slow down performance?

Secondly what is the best method of determining the object you are colliding with when you have large numbers of objects? As I understand it now you have to check every object individually- but is there a way to check object by type, then sub type, then sub -sub type?

I currently use two methods of collission: a collision ray on ground textures and for barrier objects- then a vector measurement method for npc characters and items.

Now that I have my basic engine running it is time to start adding items, npc’s, and buldings and I want to do it the correct way.

JB Skaggs

There’s no real limit, but Panda’s collision system is not really designed to handle a large number of objects colliding. So if you have a lot of objects, you might soon get performance loss.

I think you’re referring to octrees - search the forums for an octreefy script.