Is there any way to add Lua scripting to Panda?

I like python, but I just think that lua would be much better suited for game engine scripting. Is there any way to, instead if using python, use lua instead. Thanks for any help.

Should be possible. Panda’s binding generator, interrogate, has a backend that generates C bindings, which could be used to integrate with lua.

If I ended up taking this approach, would all these dependencies:(, have to be installed for lua as well?

You mean if you need to have lua wrappers for them? No, they are most if not all of them things that Panda’s C++ layer wraps. With the exception of libRocket, we don’t need to install Python bindings for any of them either.

Or do you mean if you still need them in general? If you need the engine features that they add, then yes, nothing changes about that if you’re using lua. Well, except you don’t need Python. :wink: