is there a world editor?


i’m using 3dsmax. to compose a scene and run it in panda3d, do i have to convert models to panda3d’s native format and load it into the scenegraph one at a time?

is there something like a max plugin or world editor that exports the scene description?


There is indeed a Max plugin that lets you convert to panda’s egg format. I just added a page to the manual the other day. :slight_smile:

You do, in fact, have to load models one at a time… but one model can contain an entire city.

Thanks for adding that page Josh. Between driving cross-country, and being away from my computer with Max has made it difficult for me to write it myself. Thanks again for covering what really should have been my job.

how would someone use GLB 2.22 or 3

within gmax to build level parts?

We just had a discussion in the ‘gmax’ thread about getting art from GMax into panda. It is possible but difficult. It does not require the use of GLB. You just create the levels using GMax’s regular tool set.