Is there a way to globaly set texture quality?

i always find my self doing this:


I have not found config variable to set it for me yet. Or how could i do this to all the textures every where globally? Is there a reason not to set the mip mapping the textures looks better and runs faster with it.

The filter is specified in the egg file that first loads the texture. You can therefore specify the filter in the modeling package you use to create your egg files (assuming your model converter supports this).

If you use egg-palettize to preprocess all of your egg files, you can turn on a global filter there to force all textures to use mipmapping.

Otherwise, no, sorry, there’s no feature to globally enable mipmapping. Whether you would want to do this depends on how close you are to filling up your framebuffer memory (mipmapped textures require 33% more framebuffer).


Right now i cheat by making all textures be compressed this forces the mipmapping on them, could i rely on this feature?

Um, no, I don’t think so. I don’t know what about compressed textures should force mipmapping on. And compressed textures aren’t supported on all hardware anyway.