Is there a skywriting effect to display fonts in Panda3D?

Hi, I’m looking through the on-line documentation, and I don’t see an obvious way to render a font like skywriting, i.e. - instead of a fully-formed letter being rendered to the screen all at once, the spline curves that represent the letter in the font’s TTF file get rendered frame-by-frame until all the line segments for the letter are rendered and the letter is fully formed.

If anyone knows of any samples that accomplish this, I would be grateful, thank you.

Best from Mike

Hmm… I’m not aware of any such samples, no.

Part of the issue, I think, is that Panda handles fonts by rendering their glyphs into textures, ready to be applied to geometry. As a result, the spline-information that you mention is lost by the time that any text using the font is ready to be rendered.

As a result, I imagine that one way to do this might be to look for some third-party library that can produce geometry from a font, and to then apply a custom shader or some Texture-stages to the resultant geometry in order to cause the letters of the font to appear over time.

Thanks, I was about to do something along the lines of your suggestion, but just thought I’d throw the question out to the community first. I appreciate your response.

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It’s my pleasure. :slight_smile:

It occurs to me, by the way, that Blender should be able to generate appropriate geometry for this purpose, if I’m not much mistaken.