Is there a PDF of the Docs somewhere?

I seem to recall years ago I downloaded and printed out the docs in pdf format. Now I cannot find either the file or the hardcopy. I am back to trying to learn panda3d again and would appreciate a pdf of the docs

ok I see this question has been asked a lot. I did find something here

Panda Manual link. Its a zip that unzips to a PDF. I have not looked at it yet but will post my opinions here.

It’s a tad outdated. Panda 1.0.3 if I recall correctly. Look around for posts The_Sandman (again, if I remember right) posted about converting the online docs to a CHM file.

Its a tad out of date ( 2 months old ) but might help you. Its a CHM format.

Well, more recent than mine :wink:

Thanks lvraab and The_Sandman.

I really need those two documents. I will probably be back often with more questions on things like networking and multiuser envirnonments.

I think I’ll dust off my old copy and update it. More details later.