is SceneEditor really useless?

I am now using 1.3.2, so still have a SceneEditor. I want to know people using this tool to do what. if I have the 3d worlds/maps and characters/monsters i want to put them together, should i use SceneEditor to place everything in right position right scale? I notice we can save the scene to an .py with a lot of unneeded codes.
here my questions:

  1. do you really use SceneEditor to make your game or just do some visual test within it and copy some code actually need from the .py it generate? (this one for people who used SceneEditor)
  2. any good tutorial or sample project for use it?(besides the video tutorials)
  3. without SceneEditor in 1.4 series what alternatives to lay out our world?what is the effective way to construct a complex world in panda(besides using code, I guess most of us prefer a visual tool.)
  4. do we have plans to add an more powerful level/map editor for Panda3D?
    appreciate your reply :slight_smile:
  1. SceneEditor - i found it very buggy. It did work, but the TK gui kept pooping hints which prevented me being able to click on buttons - the most annoying thing i have seen. It does very basic things. I never heard any one use it - just complain about it.
  2. You can use it?
  3. Your favorite 3d program? If you are making a static scene why not just compose it all in max or blender-something end export as a hierarchy? Custom tools are nice but hmm no time …
  4. Well 3d programs already exist for it. I thought about making a little IDE where the objects could be positioned and attached code too. But then it is a bad idea to write some thing i will not use myself.

thank you treeform, you gave me useful advices.
who else want to say something about SceneEditor?

On my previous project (currently on hold due to my upcoming first son) i was using massively the scene editor with a few new buttons created for my project
(basically selective export, autoanimation loading …)

What convince me to stop using it :

each time i was clicking outside on any TK/Panda windows but the previous focus was on a TK windows, the Scene editor simply crashed.

I track it down to be a TK error, not a scene editor error so…

For me the scene editor would be very good as a placement tool and configuration tool if we could get a real GUI instead of the TK gui…

doesnt crash on me… methinks im lucky

Hello Everyone!
I’m new to Panda3d and was looking for a 3dEngine that had a level Editor and that also could be programmed in Python. I managed to get Scene Editor up and running by typing in: >>>from sceneEditor import *
Everything worked in the Scene Editor save for particleFX which didn’t work at all, however when i saved a scene and tried opening again :frowning:

Error: 4
ImportError Exception in Tk callback
Function: <bound method myLevelEditor.openScene of <sceneEditor.myLevelEditor instance at 0x0AEB1AD0>> (type: <type ‘instancemethod’>)
Args: ()
Traceback (innermost last):
File “C:\Panda3D-1.3.2\Pmw\Pmw_1_2\lib\”, line 1747, in call
return apply(self.func, args)
File “”, line 883, in openScene
self.CurrentFileName = AllScene.loadScene()
File “C:\SCENEEDITOR\panda3d-1.4.2\SceneEditor\”, line 954, in loadScene
File “”, line 23, in ?
from DirectObject import DirectObject
File “”, line 6, in ?
from MessengerGlobal import *
File “”, line 5, in ?
import Messenger
ImportError: No module named Messenger

Has any one ever had this problem before, and if so how can it be fixed?

Um, hmm. You really should have a in the same directory with (direct/src/showbase). Is that file there? If it’s not, it must have been accidentally deleted somehow; you should reinstall your Panda.

If the file is there, then you have a gen-you-inn mystery. Why can’t Python import the module that clearly exists?


I do not get why they would go and take sceneEditor out of 1.4.2, shouldn’t it be the programmers choice whether he would use it or not? also on another note didn’t the VR team who made Toontown online use it? Im just confused as to why they would take it out. What other editor could work directly with the engine like that? Yes I know its quite buggy but cant anyone live with that? I mean its in the documentation and happens to have a set of video tutorials. Just random thoughts, give me a reply someone :wink:

maybe I should just take the Scene Editor from 1.3 and throw it back into 1.4

I could be wrong about this, but I think the scene editor was written by a student here at the ETC, as part of an independent study. I don’t think anyone at Disney used it. I know that Manakel used it for a while.

You can certainly take the scene editor from 1.3 and put it into 1.4.

I used personnely kworld 6 a free editor that’s not to bad, the map are exported to XML format just need to write a parser.

Can anyone tell me excatly what files and directory to move from 1.3 to 1.4 . I am just now learning python thru using panda3d so I am no very versed in the directory and file structure?

it also has problems like not running on the new version. so it will require advanced knowledge to get running.

To my knowledge it was removed due to the fact that it isn’t maintained any more. There were Problems from 1.0.5 to 1.1 and later on as well. Since it stayed in a broken state and folks are always complaing about it, it was removed in 1.4.x

There is a chance of bringing it back into life, but that for a maintainer is needed that keeps the SceneEditor updated.

Currently the SceneEditor should not be working right away. Try searching the forums - there have been quite a lot of tries for fixing the Scene Editor for the several releases since 1.0.5 where it worked correctly last time.

Regards, Bigfoot29

That happens to be the exact answer to my questions I was looking for, If problems started way back when with the Scene editor thats a good reason to scrap it I would think so. Its just the direct compatibility with the engine itself that made me lean towards it rather then exporting full levels from a Modeling software.

thank you for the knowledgeable answers :wink:

have you ever used it?

The question is: to whom is that directed, treeform? :slight_smile:

Distantstudios: I would love to give another answer but well…
Maybe if there is enough interest someone will find maintaining it.

Regards, Bigfoot29