Is render pipeline only for rendering?

Is render pipeline only for rendering?
I got confused because it said ‘RENDER’ in the name itself plus seeing people making render samples with render pipeline and I got confused due to seeing roaming ralph having to use render pipeline in the samples.
is it for rendering or is it for making games and rendering?

As best I have it, it’s for rendering. And, well, I imagine that it’s used by Roaming Ralph to render that sample’s graphics.

After all, rendering is a part of game-development–it’s how we get something on the screen.

so it can be used in games.

I imagine so.

Are you perhaps thinking of the term “rendering” as referring to the making of static, non-realtime images? If so, let me note that it’s used more broadly than that: it can refer to such static process–but also to the presentation of realtime graphics on-screen, as in a game.

Indeed, when Panda presents something on-screen–whether using RenderPipeline or not, and even when using Panda’s default graphics–that is rendering.

So yeah it can be used in game thanks

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