Is panda/src/testbed the only set of test cases?

Is panda/src/testbed the only set of test cases?

Is there unit tests any where for panda?
the src dir of panda contains 268,418 lines of code
that is so much untested code it makes me have goose bumps…
could some sort of testing frame work-arrangement be figured out so we can write some?

– treeform

We haven’t written unit tests of that nature. Did you have any sort of tests in particular in mind?

While I’m all in favor of rigorous testing, we find, in practice, that the exercise Panda gets by its day-to-day users generally does a pretty good job of discovering bugs. In fact, since we are using it to actively develop titles at Disney, and since all of our developers here are working on the bleeding-edge version of the code, I usually get people complaining at me within a day if I break something.

Also keep in mind that Panda is a fairly mature product; many of those 268,418 lines have been unchanged (and well-tested) for years. Of course, as with any large system there are frequently-used features and rarely-used features, and the rarely-used features naturally don’t get as much attention. Occasionally we discover that we have inadvertently broken one of these old features in our quest for improvements. Depending on how much time elapsed until the breakage was discovered, we sometimes consider that a suggestion to eliminate the feature. :wink: