Is Panda compatible with Eclipse?

I’ve downloaded the latest Panda3d and I’ve been browsing through the forums and the manual, and it all looks very exciting indeed. Well done everyone.

I’ve setup Eclipse as my IDE of choice for Python development (and indeed for pretty much everything else too these days… excellent IDE!), but it seems that Panda sets itself apart from the rest of my Python packages, and will not play with Eclipse atall.

Is it possible to use Eclipse to write PandaPython code?

A search of produces nothing but a few dead links. Last week I managed to get past the ‘404 not found’ pages via the google cache, where I found a page entitled ‘Eclipse and Panda3D’ and got a copy of It doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference to eclipse, and the pages have gone from google and are still not accessable via the original address.

Can the Panda play in eclipse? If so, can anyone point me at a ‘how to’ page. If it’s not possible, what Editor would people recommend for building panda worlds with?

In the past I’ve worked with both DirectX and OpenGL using C++, but a combination of Python (which I’m just picking up) and Panda looks to be Awesome. A decent IDE will just top it all off!

A great product, powerful backers and an excellent community behind it all, what more could a developer want?

Thanks everyone!


It must be possible.
I guess you have to add the path of panda3d python bindings to your python path.

Yeah, it must! You need to tell eclipse which python.exe to use too I suspect, since panda comes with its own ppython.exe

I gave it a quick look prior to posting, but it didn’t seem to go smoothly. Then when I noticed the disappearing ‘Eclipse and Panda’ page, I thought I’d better ask first, incase there was any special knowledge that I was missing.

I’ll have a proper bash at getting all working asap, and post my results…

BTW, the “ppython” that comes with panda is really a very simple script. All it does is:

  • it makes sure the panda BIN directory is in your PATH
  • it makes sure the panda DIRECT tree and PANDAC trees are in your PYTHONPATH.
  • It runs python.

That’s it. If you take care of the path and the pythonpath yourself, you can just use plain old python to run panda. It has to be the right version of python, though.