Is P3D in a Developers Mode By Default?

Just wondering… Is P3D in some kind of developers mode by default, because the command prompt appears even when starting a non command line panda app.

No major concern, but I figured if that was the case, it would be better to turn it off. Sending a message to the command prompt about Direct Start stating the game isn’t really need with a completed package.

You can run with ppythonw or give your Python file a .pyw extension to avoid the command-prompt window from appearing on Windows.

It won’t happen with a game that has been packaged with packp3d or pdeploy.

It can be done… I’ve ran other P3D Apps that were not built with pdeploy and they don’t start the prompt. Not a big deal though… I’ve played several commercial game titles which all start prompts; which is not a factor especially if you’re in full screen mode. In window, one could just minimize it.

Yes, it can be done easily, by using either solution that I presented in my previous post. Either give your main Python file a .pyw extension or just run your game with ppythonw instead of ppython.

That won’t work. You can’t compile an exe with py2exe using ppythonw or pythonw; you have to use python.exe. Adding a .pyw to main doesn’t change a thing when converting to an exe.

What does work is this… In the file… Simply change the console=[“”] to window=[“”]

I honestly can’t believe I was staring at that an never noticed the value.


Got rid of that console window. :smiley:

You can check out the trailer, which is on the home page of (when the server is up)

I will leave the servers on over night and first thing tomorrow…I will begin finishing up the site, starting with game statistics pages and stat uploading.


You should see how well my installer came out… Looks very nice considering this game is not commercial quality. :slight_smile: