Is object in view?

Hello all you fellow panda3D coders,

I’ve been using panda3D for a bit and think it is wonderful!
I have previously written my own 3D engine in low-level C and OpenGL and using panda3D a wonderful change for the better!

This is my first post, I looked and couldn’t see anything about this on the forum or in the manual, my apologies if I didn’t look in the right spots!

I want to be able to tell if a node is within the’s current view.

I intend on using this to add ‘eye adaption’ to my game - if you have played half life 2, or any source game, you will notice that when the player looks directly at a bright light source, the HDR and Bloom kick in, but then fade off. This is meant to simulate the eye adapting to the new light thresholds with a slight delay, and in my opinion, looks great…

I wondered if it could be done similarly to picking? -only without the mouse :S Thanks for any suggestions or references to functions that I haven’t noticed yet!

Search the forum for “isinview”.

You can use this function:
I believe it also accepts a bounding volume (which you can get using yourModel.getBounds(), or getTightBounds() for more accurate bounds.)

Haha, thanks, both of you…
That function did just what I wanted…