Is it safe...

Assuming that I have a functioning install of Panda, is it safe to make a copy of the whole folder and place it on a different machine? Or is the installer quite important to ensure a correct installation?


I think the installer might put the Panda3d directory on your PATH, to make it a little easier to access; but this is not essential. I think it will work fine to bundle up just the installed directory itself.

You can always try it and see if it works.


Not only does it write some panda dirs to PATH, it also sets a registry key to make panda’s python the default installation.

An idea could be to make a .reg file to run after the copy.

Okkamon drwr! :wink: You know how installers works! They can do all sorts of useless little things that eventually prevent you from simply moving a software from one location to another. And what’s worse, you might find out only much later! I just wanted to see if there was some knowledge on the subject.

Thanks to you and pro-rsoft though! Sounds like it shouldn’t be much a problem once I edit the PATH variable on the other machine.