Is it practicable to install Panda3D on SUSE 11.2?

I have not been able to work out how to install Panda3D on SUSE 11.2

Is it possible?
How do I find out how to do it?
What version should I use and where do I get it?

The ‘latest build’ panda3d-1.6.2 does not work
the cvs build does not work.

If I add --installer, 1.6.2 fails when it attempts to write to
Without it I get the ‘no module named error’ (other post)

I think my only chance is to switch to Ubuntu, Panda3D does look really good, shame the install does not work on SUSE.

As I said, 1.6.2 is not the ‘latest build’. The rpm creation code is buggy there. Get 1.7.0, or even better, the latest CVS.