Is it possible to create & edit objects during gameplay?

Hello, I’m new here to Panda. I’ve been lurking around and reading up on the manual a bit, watching some videos and doing some tutorials. Trying to decide if Panda is for me or not.

One of the questions I have is could I create new objects and then edit them, such as move vertices around, chamfer an edge, or add a modifier such a twist or bend?

Could I edit a character’s bones, set keyframes and then save this data, perhaps in a database?

I’m guessing that some of this is possible with some advanced coding, but I’m not sure. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.

hi, welcome to panda3d

pretty much all of it is possible,since you can manipulate the raw geometry. not all the things you listed are terribly efficient to do during runtime but they are all possible.

most of it is covered in the manual already. for some stuff you simply have to know how to mess with position data.

Thank you for your speedy reply! It’s good to know it’s possible, even if I have no clue yet how to do it :wink: