Is is possible to convert a .bam file into another format?

I’m trying to convert a .bam model into another file format so that I can import it into Blender or Maya. I’ve been Googling but haven’t come across anything so far. Does anyone know if this is possible?

You can use the program bam2egg.exe, then one of the egg2 programs (egg2obj.exe, egg2dxf.exe, egg2flt.exe, egg2x.exe). These come with the Panda SDK, and can be found in the bin directory.

Note, however, that .bam is not intended to be converted back to any other format. bam2egg supports only a very limited subset of features that egg2bam supports, and the same goes for any other conversion process that converts from .bam.

It is recommended that you keep a copy of the original .egg files and convert to .bam as needed.

Will it be possible to convert .bam or .egg into a .ttf format?

My Panda3D has issues using .bam or .egg to use as a font (loadFont)… any suggestions?

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there is no tool that i know of that converts bam or egg into ttf.
do your bam files contain fonts made of complex meshes or just quads to hold font textures?
if the latter, you can easily remake the bam/egg files using CardMaker, writeBamFile, bam2egg, or use a 3d modeler.

I’ve made the .bam into an .egg file, but it seems my program doesn’t like .egg for the LoadFont function.

I made it using the ‘maps’ of the .bam which are images (pallets).

.egg/.bam fonts are rasterized, you cannot convert this back to a .ttf font.

As for not being able to load it as .egg: I’m not sure if bam2egg has been tested for fonts. Perhaps it is simply lacking a feature to make this possible.

Maybe you can share your .bam file so I could take a look at why it cannot be loaded with loadFont.

Thanks for explaining.

Should I use dropbox or some other external links to share the files?


Sure, that works for me.