IRIS - Post-apocalyptic Adventure/Survival game coded in C++

Hello users of Panda3d! We are a group of 4 high-school programmers who have made this game over the past year using entirely c++ and blender. At first, we found the limited support for c++ programming a nearly insurmountable hurdle to get past. Thanks to several forum posts, as well as many people from the IRC, we were able to put together our game. Special thanks to rdb, Thomas_Egi, and other irc-goers for answering many of our questions related to panda’s development system. The game is still in it’s early stages, and several features are missing; however, it remains to be a large example of c++ programming with panda3d.

BitBucket repo: (Please excuse any profanity)

Video Trailer:

EDIT: Fixed the repo link

Hi, it seems a nice start! :slight_smile:
PS The repository is not reachable.