iphone compilation problems

Any luck finding that old iphone project?

If not, how should I go about starting a new iphone project? Should, I try to base it on the iphone_pview app in the Panda3D/panda/src/iphone folder?

BTW: I am a total newb to panda3d.

Oops, sorry, I didn’t get a chance to look last night. I’ll check again. But let me reiterate: there is no ‘project’ in the XCode sense. All I ever had was a tree of source code, as checked out from CVS, and with embedded Makefiles as generated by ppremake.

In short, I don’t have anything that you don’t already have.

The iphone_pview app is the only app I ever built. I had been working by hacking the code I needed into that app. I believe I had written it to unpack and launch its application code from a Panda3D multifile (.mf) file; this was an early precursor to the modern .p3d system.

The modern design for a Python-based iphone project would be to write a standalone app that launches a p3d file. This would be very similar to the existing code in iphone_pview, but it would utilize the modern conventions for p3d files. I don’t expect a newcomer to Panda3D to have an easy time writing this code.

To write a C++ or Objective-C based iPhone project, though, you could start with iphone_pview and simply modify it to suit your needs, writing the application directly there. That would be much simpler.

For a Panda newcomer, it would probably be worthwhile to write the application first in the standard desktop environment, to learn the normal Panda conventions.


I understand that the code that you have is not an Xcode project. I am just looking for the basic structure of a panda app that worked once on an iphone. So I would gladly accept anything that you have.

I will also try to work with the iphone_pview app.

I also understand that I would be writing in C++. My python skills are next to nil any way.

As far as the OS/X route goes, that was why I wanted to get the simulator platform moving along, so I can build my app using the simulator which should get me close to where I want to be.

I have everything compiled, I just need to be able to run something now.

Thanks for your help.

How did this go?

I’m trying to compile panda3d 1.8.0 for the iPhone, but when compiling dtool the error I get is:

make[1]: *** No rule to make target ../cppparser/Opt4-iPhone/libp3cppParser', needed byOpt4-iPhone/interrogate’. Stop.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/Users/bostjan/peskovnik/panda3d-1.8.0/dtool/src/interrogate’

Any ideas what might be wrong?
I can post the Config.iPhone.pp if needed.