iOS support - status check?

So theres a few threads about some partial iOS support … but whist the current status? I’m guessing that its not present, but how far along is it e.g. is it just missing Cocoa integration, a few shaders or is there no OpenGL ES backend?

I’m basically interested in how big the TODO list is :slight_smile:

The last I read I think rdb had a test build that displayed something on the screen. Other then that I am not sure how far the port has gone. You could always try to compile panda from source for an I device.

All the low-level things you mention are done, in the sense that Panda renders things properly on iPhone. I once successfully ported an entire game over to the iPhone and was able to play it just fine there.

What we lack is all of the polish on top of that to make it actually useful, so that a user can just install an app and point it at a p3d file (or a developer can compile a p3d file into an app to be installed). Until we have that, a developer will have to build a custom Panda and do all of the nitty-gritty details by hand.


Cool, sorry for the VERY late post, xD
But I started actually checking up on this. It seems to be a legit idea.

Are their currently any apps available on iTunes that uses panda3D? I’d love to see how well it works.

No. Nothing has changed here since my earlier post: Panda3D on iOS technically works, but it’s not a finished and useful product, and therefore it is not possible to publish a Panda3D app in the App Store.



Has there been any updates on this? I know Apple are much more relaxed now about interpreted/JIT code systems, and generally don’t mind what you write it in as long as its not flash (because giant babies in armani suits dont like other giant babies in armani suits).

If I understand right, the key issue used to be related to executing callouts to the operating system that could provide a covert jailbreaking vector, but there are definately pythons on the app store now (Google it, you can download python interpreters etc).

The biggest thing they dont like however is if users can sideload code into it. Thus scripting needs to be included in-app. Thats cool. Its not perfect for MMO/MUD developers, but lets face it dynamically sending scripts to run client side is a huge security no-no anyway.

So with the far improved situation in mind, where are we at? Is there any github/etc with the code in progress? how much of a problem is the GLES thing? Shader support on IOS is pretty great (I recently completed an app that uses GLSL shaders for doing real-time jazz with applying instagram filters to video) but I do note that there are some obvious changes between the GL versions.

This is interesting:

We need developers to volunteer to actually do the work. Would you like to volunteer?


Oh god. Um. I could investigate the code. But yeah wow porting stuff :open_mouth:

Last time I ported something to the iphone (pjsip library) I damn near took a decade off my lifespan trying to wrap my brain around the hell that is cross compilers!

Have any of the previous attempts put up their code? My biggest concern is I know C, I know ObjC , but I’m completely out of my depth with C++

I’m assuming this is using a NATO standard automake/autoconf build process right?

edit: Yeah I’ll pass. I have no damn idea how this build system works, and how I’d port it over to XCode. Any blog posts or clues on porting this would help, for now I can’t make heads or tails how this builds. Not even a makefile :frowning: