Inverse kinematics


I’m novice with Panda3D and english but not with programming.
I want create a special motion cap application, and panda3D like a good peace of solution for my works.
I want know if Panda3D can make real time inverse kinematics on skeleton.

“Control the hand of an Actor and arm’s postion are automaticaly calculate”

First time, i doesn’t want other animation on my actor.
In a second time, i wiil want combine animation and mocap.

If yes, it’s possible, yessss.
where can i find doc, tut, peace of code… can help me

If not, are there other solutions, with or wihtout panda3D

Thanks for your answer

In all case, i think panda3D, it’s look good api, simple to use it.
I’m surprise by the work can do in a little time with it.

Panda doesn’t do inverse kinematics. I imagine it’s possible to integrate some other library with Panda that does do it, though, simply by controlling every joint and hooking each joint up to the third-party IK library. Your third-party library would then be in full control of the character’s animation.

I don’t know of any such libraries off-hand. Maybe someone else does, but you might also do well to ask Google. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your answer,

I will search an other library or through by another solution, control more node with mocap per exemple.
But IK will can help me.