Introducing Pure3d Visualizations – digital essences

Hi I would like to introduce my 3d service company and model shop here.
Basically I run a small but well connected (with other freelancers) company which focuses on tailored game asset delivery and architecture visualizations. Mostly environment modelling and level design services. Some people would call it outsourcing-company. But this term always has a bad smell like yet another low-cost, low-quality, non-responding and not-delivering company.

With Pure3d I follow the philosophy to deliver fine-arts with a minimum of revisions, data security for my clients and of course delivering in time while putting all my heart and passion for game-art into it.

I operate under the brand “pure3d visualizations – digital essences” since spring 2010 after freelancing for some years. Pure3d is located in Germany.
Clients are from different sectors. We have large companies which need game-art or realtime-visualizations services for architecture or landscapes. Some are game studios others are from serious-gaming and not game related. Even some military training stuff has been done by us. Indy-Dev’s are consulting Pure3d because we offer nice sale models – not for free – but negotiable.
Finally even some coders and engine-developers are in our portfolio because they need some nice stuff to replace their “coders-art” :wink: or use our assets for prototyping their projects.

Due this demand I restructured the small but growing online-shop from offering game-model collections to individual assets. Some clients don’t need exclusive content so I’m allowed to re-sale them in the shop too. Most of the models are vegetation assets because it seems hard to do with a decent look. I put together some rough specs/benefits (taken from the pure3d website):

Source files included where available (.max 2010)
Free updates and fixes to the assets. You will be contacted via Newsletter.
You buy once. No royalties or seat-license model.
Top notch quality. Some may call it even AAA. :wink:
Coherent in style. Never get messed up color or scale again like you get if you buy from different vendors.
Affordable price for every developer.
We cover up the most used file formats like max (2010), .gmf, .3ds, .dae, .fbx (2009) and .obj format.

Thanks for your interests and don’t hesitate to contact us over at pure3d if you need some more information’s.
Hey, and because you read this whole long text up to the end I put one of 100 - 30% discount codes - here for the shop checkout: THX4READING :slight_smile: