Interrogate Raknet

I’m trying to develop python bindings for raknet 4.0. I’ve tried using swig which ended in sadness for me, so I am going to try and use interrogate. Couple of questions I can’t seem to find an answer for though:

What samples should I look at for adding this to the makepanda system?

How do I set up interrogate/makepanda to place the python wrappers under something like import panda3d.raknet?

If SWIG failed for you, my confidence level in your likely success with interrogate is not high. SWIG is designed to be user-friendly and to work with a wide variety of code. Interrogate, on the other hand, is primarily designed to work only with the code within Panda itself. It has occasionally been used with limited success to directly expose third-party libraries (TinyXML), but usually it is used to expose Panda wrappers around third-party libraries (ODE).

Searching for ‘interrogate’ within the makepanda source should give you plenty of examples.


Actually, SWIG’s parser is pretty bad compared to Interrogate’s. You might have more luck with Interrogate, but it’ll take some time to get it working, and an understanding of how Interrogate works.