Interrogate and cross-compiling

Hi everybody.

I’m stuck with a cross-compiling issue. I’ve been able to cross-compile (host x86 64bit, target ARM 32bit) a basic Panda3D installation using ppremake and tweaking my Config.pp.
Now I’m getting at the step of compiling with Python support, but I have the problem that the “interrogate” binary generated and installed by dtool is compiled (obviously) for ARM, and so it doesn’t work in my x86. On the contrary if I use a x86 “interrogate” binary I have the problem that libraries are built for ARM, so I get:

error while loading shared libraries: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32

Is there any way to cross-compile Panda3D from an x86 host to an ARM target? Am I missing something?

I know I can build natively, but I’d like to know if there’s a possibility to continue cross-compiling 'cause I get more CPU power and other good stuff by doing so.

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Sure. First, set yourself up to build natively. In your Config.pp file, define the line:

#define LINK_ALL_STATIC yes

Then compile dtool only (don’t bother with building the rest of panda), which will build you (among other things) interrogate and interrogate_module, nicely compiled with static libraries so they’re standalone and don’t depend on any other .so files in dtool. Rename these files to, for instance, stinterrogate and stinterrogate_module, and put them on your path.

Now switch back to cross compiling, and in your Config.pp file, remove the LINK_ALL_STATIC line and define the lines:

#define INTERROGATE stinterrogate
#define INTERROGATE_MODULE stinterrogate_module

You are telling ppremake to use the native stinterrogate binaries that you built and set aside, instead of the cross-built interrogate that it will build now.


Thank you drwr,

your answer has been very useful!

Thank you so much,