International (Unicode?) support in DirectEntry?

Does the DirectEntry field support characters outside of the range of standard ASCII? We have a client overseas who is having difficulty with a text-entry field, and I suspect the problem might be that he’s attempting to enter traditional Chinese characters into the textbox. I know that our font set doesn’t contain any traditional Chinese glyphs to render, but I’m wondering if it would work in any case if we expanded the font set.

Thank you for the help!

Yes, this should all work. It’s even possible to integrate your application nicely with Microsoft’s IME system for entering Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters via the keyboard, though this takes a little bit of effort on your part; but even if you do nothing special, the system should be usable as long as your font includes the characters the user is trying to enter.


I’m currently stuck with the same problem.
i have a ingame-chat which supports unicode. sending and displaying it works fine. the input works fine,too but under linux only. windows has problems with cyrillian,japanese and all those.
any hints how to get windows input system working along with directEntry?

printing “unicode-input is only supported on linux” on the box is sortof cool but not what most people wanna see :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t know why that shouldn’t work. I don’t have any trouble displaying international characters on Windows. It’s the same code running on Linux as Windows, after all.

Are you sure you are using a font that has the right characters in it?

Also, some Windows editors want to insert weird codes as the first two bytes of a file when you save it in utf-8. Are you using the exact same Python code on both platforms?


Ah, wait–you’re not talking about displaying international characters, necessarily; you’re talking about the Windows international input system. You mean the Windows IME, the system where you start typing a sequence of characters and then pick the precise glyph from a menu?

To make this work with all the features is really designed to incorporate, Windows IME wants to be able to display a menu on top of your DirectEntry, which requires special support from Panda. Fortunately, that support exists (and we use it, for instance, to support Toontown Japan). If this is what you want to enable, let me know and I’ll describe how to turn it on.

But even if you don’t do anything special, it should still work at a rudimentary level–you should be able to type something, then rotate through the available options within the DirectEntry (tab? space? left-right? I don’t remember what the keys are), then press Enter (I think) to accept it. The keys are standard Windows keys, we didn’t decide what they are, but it should work basically the same way in Panda that it works in, say, Notepad.

Of course you have to have the CJK International Windows keyboard interface installed.


jep… getting the windows input system working with panda is exactly what i wandered^^.
well i dont have windows installed anywhere near me. and the one testing it on windows&cyrillian characters is even further away. just wondered if it is possible because we might have to add it at some point.
but it’s nice to hear that it can be done. guess we have to wait until we have some programmers working with windows so they could add it later on.
i think i’ll ask you when the time comes again :slight_smile: until then people will have to use linux or dont use such letters :stuck_out_tongue:
thx again for your help:)