Interactive Portfolio

This is my interactive portfolio that I did with panda. A bit non-userfriendly since there’s no proper mouse cursors but in general if you hear a bling sound you can click on it. I didn’t include my games cause of size reasons. I tested this against 1.5.4, I’m not sure if it will work with 1.6.0



very nice - love the retro-look
I tried with 1.5.4 and works but sometimes there are issues e.g. in the underground room clicking play the program quit abruptly or do not play the sub-game - I suggest also to use the keyboard at least when you’re in 2D mode and a point & click in 3D also to move the character.
Anyway this project is really gorgeous, thank you for share it!!!

Awesome! This is one of the best Panda creations I’ve seen around here.
I especially like the 2d/3d switch and also the pixel effect and aliasing, it gives a really interesting rendering style.
By the way: the games don’t work, they error about missing files. (EDIT: Oh, sorry, I didn’t read your post good enough. I was distracted by the good screenshots. :slight_smile: )

It’s not compatible with 1.6.0 - in, “not self.task.isRemoved()” needs to be replaced with “self.task.isAlive()”.
Also, MovieTextures are currently broken in 1.6.0 (I ran 1.6.0 however, so with a few changes I was able to see the movies too)
On Linux, loader.loadTexture is not guaranteed to return a MovieTexture either - so I recommend rewriting the code to use MovieTexture.load.

awesome style!