interactive part of the model animation

I need a help/tutorial on how to animate a SCARA robot model (robot arm) on the engine on which it moves in states like on a certain function it will move up and down or rotate arm left or right and will stay to its new position until a next function is called…

Natural arm position is (0,0,0) at angle (0,0,0)…then the user inputs arm move to (0,10,0)…then he inputs next move arm at angle (30, 0, 0)…so the current arm position is on (0,10,0) at angel (30,0,0)…then the user inputs again to move on (0,-15,0) at angel (-15,0,0)…so position will go to (0,-5,0) at angle (15,0,0)…then the arm should stay in place till the next user inputs another set…this is what i mean…

and also how to pickup and carry objects.

There are lots of ways to do this.

One is to create a jointed model in Maya/Max, and then to procedurally take control of the joints. The “eve” tutorial, which is included in the panda distribution, shows this method (we are only controlling her head, but there’s nothing stopping you from controlling the elbow, etc.)

Another method is to create a bunch of separate models for the various parts of the robot arm. You can then set up a heirarchy so that each piece moves relative to the piece to which it is attached. The manual section on the “scene graph” talks a lot about heirarchies. The solar system tutorial shows how to do this.