Intelligent camera.

Hello everyone.
My project is almost done.
But I had some technical problems with a camera.

I want it to has a collision detection with the walls.
first, I attach a collision sphere to the camera
and I hope it will get close to an avata when it collide to the wall.
(Like most games at present.)
But when it collide to the wall an avata was push out. :open_mouth:

Any idea?
Help me…

I implemented something like that in the Point & Click Player Movement Over Uneven Terrain snipplet.

The code is in this thread. I think the latest version is in the seventh post on page 2. What you’re interested in is in the EdgeScreenTracker class. It sets up a camera that rotates around the avatar if the mouse is at the edge of the screen and automatically zooms in past obstructions.

Oh !!
Thank you very much.
That is I’m looking for!!