Intalling Chcken Plug IN and Tutorials

hi. i was just wondering if anyone can tell me how to install the free Chicken plug in for blender in order to export files to panda 3d. now i know this might sound silly but i have a windows XP and the Default installation folder for blender only has a blender folder that contains all the files, i have the latest version of blender and somehow i can’t find the place where i should put the Plug In.

also if anyone knows a good link that teaches panda 3d it will be really helpful

again thanks ill really apreciate it.[/b]

Instead of the installation folder, look in your Application Data user folder, specifically for the sub-folder “.blender\scripts”; in my case the path in question it looks something like this, I believe:

c:\Documents and Settings<my name>\Application Data\Blender Foundation.blender\scripts\

If you open that scripts folder, you should find a variety of .py files.

Unzip the contents of the chicken zip file to this folder. Note that the zip file should contain two sub-folders, which should match the two sub-folders that you should find in the scripts folder. Naturally enough, the contents of the folders in the zip should go into the folders in the scripts folder, although this should happen automatically if you unzip to the scripts folder without delving into the sub-folders within the zip, I would think.

If you have any problems with Chicken, I suggest taking a look at this thread, and if that fails, searching the forums of asking here.

As to learning the use of Panda, the manual (see the menu at the top of this page) contains what I think is a good first-steps tutorial. Once you’ve completed that, decide on a simple (and I do mean very simple) first game, and start looking into how to build that. A good place to start is, I think, again the manual - despite having some unfinished sections, it should provide plenty of information on the elements of a basic game. Additionally, search these forums for solutions to any issues that you encounter, and look at the examples that should have come with Panda, or the code snipplets section of the forum.

(Note well, however! The samples do not always show the best ways to do things, I don’t think. Nevertheless, they should help you, I would imagine.)

Are there any other specific problems that you’re having?

thank you so much Thaumaturgel i was really struggling with this plugin but now i am able to use it, and again thanks for the advice i should really start looking into building simple games rather than jumping straight into more complex games.


It’s my pleasure. :slight_smile:

As to games, indeed, I strongly suspect that you might well progress faster by starting with simple games than jumping immediately into complex games; a simple game will likely have its share of things to teach, and should limit the number of other issues that might crop up in more complex games, muddying the waters as you learn Panda’s structure and general approaches.

Excuse me but I have Windows Vista and I can’t find the “.blender” folder.

I also have only one subfolder called “bpydata” in the downloaded zip file. Could you please help me?

Hmm… I don’t have Vista, I’m afraid.

However, two things come to mind:

First, have you used Vista’s search facility to look for the folder? (I presume that Vista has a search feature, as XP does.)

Secondly, it may be that your system hides folders that begin in ‘.’; you might want to check your settings, although I’m afraid that I don’t know where to look in Vista for the appropriate options…

As to there being only one folder in the zip file, did you download the 1.0 version? If so, then yes, there may be only one sub-folder - it might be that that version doesn’t call for the second folder. However, I suggest trying the R44 version - I’ve found it to be good (one or two minor issues aside; I had such issues with both versions, however).

Well I’ve tried using the search function and didn’t find it. And my system does not block .whatever folders. Hmm . . . maybe my version of Blender does not use it?

It’s possible, I suppose - I don’t know whether the installation for Vista might be different to that for XP, I’m afraid. :confused: