I have a question?? How do you use the Panda engine?? I installed everything and all i got was tutorials :frowning:

You write the code. The tutorials are examples.

hehehehhe panda aint one of those “click and make it” things… you gotta work on something… lotta people just wanna make crappy (no offence) games like runescape or others and they wanna do it in like 5 mins but it aint that easy

no i don’t want to make it like that…
I was thinking it was like a point and click editor like the torque gaming engine

thats what I mean “Point and click” thats waaaaay 2 easy

Here’s the funny thing - Torque isn’t point and click either. It’s a C++ engine with a scripting language that you have to modify. Tough luck!

well i’ve used torque i understand it i know that you have to modify the scripts to your purpose but I tried starting up panda and it doesn’t work.

Did you follow the instructions? Do you know how to develop Python applications? Do you know what you’re doing?

I know about C++ but i know nothing about using python i have python because i use blender but thats all i know.

Well, panda is a basically a collection of tools grouped together tidily in one place. So to do something with it you will need to glue certain bits together. This glue could be python or c++.

It not like Torque, in the case where you start the app and then be able to change things. You must create the scripts yourself to start it or modify an existing script.

This is the best link to a “getting started” tutorial…

After your happy with that, then move onto the tutorials located in your panda install directory in the folder “samples”. Just look at how they work with python. If you need help with python then try for a very good free book, you will find it simple if you already have programming experience.

Have fun!