Installing Panda on a 32 bit intel netbook running ubuntu 13

I found unofficial builds that work on amd64, but I’m curious if there will be an official release for Ubuntu 13.04 anytime soon. I tried building from source, but that proved too much of a daunting task.

Ubuntu 13.04 simply wasn’t around when the last Panda release was made. The next Panda release will probably have a build for 13.04.

As I’ve stated in the according thread, I can make a build for that if you want. Do you need anything special like bullet or librocket, or just a “basic” Panda3D for 32bit?

Sorry I missed that in your other thread. I think I can probably survive until the next release without the extra stuff (I’m really new to panda). Thanks a lot for this :slight_smile:

Finally finished, I was a bit busy: … sp=sharing

Thanks! I took a bit of a break from panda, but I’m diving straight in again. Now I can do it on my little netbook, many, many thanks!