installation issues

after i installed panda3D i tested it as the manual says by trying to open one of the programs

i did so by command prompt and by the start menu
but every time i tried to start one of them my computer would freeze. i was used to stuff like this happening cause of my firewall so i pulled up the firewall settings to make panda3D “Full Access” but it wasnt in there

so im all out of ideas as to what it could be or how to fix it

:question: :question: :question:

panda as it is is unrelated to firewalls. unless the application you’r running accesses the network, afaik none of the sample comming with you rinstallation does that.

try to run the samples from the command line interface and see what error messages you get and post them here.

there are no errors
it trys to launch them
a blank window appears and my computer freezes up

also my firewall blocks a lot of things
key logging, installs, uninstalls and a lot of other things