Instaling panda3d on fedora 16

I’m having problems installing panda3d on fedora 16. I’ve tried the rpm packages for fedora 14, they fail due to dependencies. I wasn’t surprised by this, but after building and installing from the source for 1.8 and the cvs current running the samples results in a program abort saying in the stack dump “ImportError: No module named pandac.PandaModules”. After inspecting the pandac folder I realised nothing was in it except the input folder.

I’m not sure if it is related, but I don’t have any of the third party libraries and I can’t seem to find a way to get them for a non windows machine. This will be a problems later since I do want to use png files and the bullet physics engine.

Any help in getting a working copy of panda3d on fedora 16 and/or the third party libraries would be highly appreciated.

It sounds like you built without Python support. Which packages did you build for? Which packages does makepanda list as missing?

I hadn’t realized that installing the -dev versoins of packages would get panda to recognize them. The problems are slowly falling. Will report back if I have further problems.


After carefully realising I should RTFM I found a solution, after installing the third party -devl packages I made an installer for using the --installer option on and installed that. It works fine now.