Ink shading + Alpha Textures


I have a model with some alpha channel in some parts of it (png texture)… but the ink shader that comes in CommonFilters does not ink that model at all. Is there any possible solution, appart from getting a fully opace model?


Yeah, a shader that uses geometric angles to determine where to enhance edges won’t catch texture transparency (odd that it wouldn’t even trace the geometric content, though…). Doing your model in a separate render with a post-processing filter that outlines on the basis of adjacent-to-transparent would be about the only way I can think of to trace transparent textures dynamically (you could always just bake the lines into the texture…), but that would look odd if anything external ever occludes the model.
Iirc, there are two ink shader examples. Have you tried both?

Note that for the Inking Shader to work properly, you need to have shader generation enabled for the model that’s to be rendered.

What do you mean? Still, I understand the reasons why it is not working with alpha textures, so we will stick with solid models.