Initial screenshot of FractalSpline port to Panda3D

Initial screenshot of FractalSpline port to Panda3D: … _id=136861

This project addresses the needs of streaming MMOGs, which need a low-bandwidth method of sending large amounts of visual data.

The shapes in the screenshot are linear extrusions of: a square, a triangle and a circle. These shapes can be cut and hollowed prior to extrusion, giving the hollow tube through the middle of the final object, and the slot down the side. They can also be transformed during the extrusion, giving the twist effect that we can see in the screenshot.

Each face can be textured separately, as shown by the numbers on the faces.

The green spheres are just for debug.

To do, priority:

  • add toruses and a couple of other shapes
  • add face coloring
  • get working with Python
  • create a patchfile
  • create a file release … ctalSpline

Thanks to David and Josh for helping me get this far.


Excellent…this is a big deal. Way to go!

I can’t wait till it works with Python =)

It sure is cool looking!


Well, working with Python is just a question of building it without the --no-interrogate option to be honest, and since --no-interrogate doesnt exist in the production version of, thats really a no-brainer :slight_smile: .

Anyway, here is a screenshot of this running from Python: