Infinite Tunnel with Mouse Scroll Input [CLOSED]

Hey there,
I’ve started my endeavor in Blender/Panda3d a couple of days ago. My aim is to take the infinite tunnel example but instead of using the LerpFunc which controls the position of the view I’d like to have the Mouse Wheel scrolling through it.
Unfortunately I don’t see the right shortcut/solution right now … I guess this is much simpler than something like the Roaming Ralph approach where I would design a larger environment.

Thank you very much!

It is not clear what problems you have, but you can start from here -

Intercept the wheel event.

self.accept('wheel_up', self.wheel_up)
self.accept('wheel_down', self.wheel_down)

Thanks a lot, I figured I hat to learn a bit more which is what I did and ultimately went away from the MouseWheell but now using a Rotary enoder and PySerial to translate the player in the world.
Thanks + Best,