[IndieGameModels]Middle East Desert City

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A new pack has been released at Indie Game Models

Middle East Desert City pack

The Middle East Desert City Pack contains 127 unique high quality 3d models allowing you to create open levels of a middle east style, typical of today’s modern battlefields. With the pack you can easily make a whole town and even a desert level. Using your level building skills you will soon be building an Iraqi style town.

The pack includes:

    21 buildings including Mosque building
    11 billboards
    5 barrels
    7 crates
    2 carton boxes
    4 signs
    1 bricks
    1 hummer
    1 bus
    1 bus station
    2 hanging clothes
    2 concrete barriers
    2 concrete fences
    1 concrete flower pot
    1 concrete tree pot
    1 traffic cone
    1 container
    3 debris
    1 electric pole
    1 electric cable
    1 fence
    3 garbage cans
    2 palms
    7 plants
    1 police stand
    5 rock walls
    1 satellite dish antenna
    5 scaffolds
    1 space for plants
    1 stall
    2 old damaged stalls
    10 Assortment on a stalls
    7 fruits
    2 braided baskets
    2 street lamps
    1 water tank
    2 traffic lights
    1 TV antenna
    1 wooden barrier

First week discount: You can now purchase this model for 19.90 EUR only instead of 29.90 EUR. it’s a 33% rebate!

Get it at: Middle East Desert City

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