inclusion of packages into Panda

I’ve been thinking lately of some packages that would do users a lot of good if they were included with Panda. Some of which are:

Pygame: This would allow the usage of joysticks with Panda. It’s also well-documented with a dedicated community if anyone has any questions. Pygame can also play a number of media files including MPEG movies and MP3 files.

Pymedia: This is a purely multimedia library with the capability to read and write numerous modern formats. These include AVI, MPEG, and ASF for video and MP3, OGG, AAC for audio.

IPython: This is a powerful Python interpreter that incorporates “magic” commands not found in the standard Python interpreter. Errors returned by the interpreter are color coded to allow for quicker identification.

Please add onto this list if you think a package could be added and would add to Panda’s functionality.

yep, some of them are a nice idea :slight_smile: dunno if this might violate the cooperation with fmod… if they are GPL, you can’t use them as long as fmod is in (if my mind is right). However, a “usermod” removing fmod and adding these mentioned things might be fine. Next step could be pyODE then - for Panda 2.0 :smiley: (just joking)

However, a alternate audio library per default would be nice too… this could be done as a community project in the first place. When everything is working, it might be implemented with ease by Josh I guess… However. He is a busy man, so he can’t do the work himself, I guess… (thats why I am suggesting doing it as a community mod till it fits without a gap into the source code and when compiling it is not going to create new trouble…

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Regards, Bigfoot29

Pygame and Pymedia work just fine if you copy their directories into your Panda Python sitepackages directory. AFAIK, this only works on Windows. I don’t have Panda under Fedora Core 5 yet, so can anyone else shed light on this area??

For those who just have Panda installed and not Python, here are the files to place in your Panda\python\Lib\sitepackages directory:

Pygame:;4 … einfo.html
Pymedia: TBA

Why would panda remove the ability ( yet incooporate FMOD) to play free formats like ogg ??


Heh? What are you referring to? If Fmod supports it, Panda supports it. If Fmod doesn’t support it, Panda doesn’t support it. End of story (for now).

I don’t know whether Fmod supports ogg format or not. If it doesn’t, use pygame for your audio.


I am referring to this:

Open source Panda3D uses a free sound library called FMOD to play sound. This is a very capable multi-platform sound engine. FMOD supports various types of sound files - mp3, wav, aiff, midi, mod, wma, ogg vorbis. At the moment Panda3D although allows the playback of midi, wav, and mp3 files only. A more detailed description of FMOD is available at their website

from a search on FMOD at DOC search function.

afaik ( ill check into it) pygame has no 3d positional sound.


I’m afraid I don’t follow; Thermal Response used .ogg format audio files for its sound, and they worked fine. We didn’t do anything unusual; we simply pulled them in via loader.loadSfx and loader.loadMusic. Panda3d supports the ogg format, based on my experience.

What method are you using to load the audio files?

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Im not yet, I just noitced the panda docs saying that ogg isn’t supported and no reason to question it, but was curious as to why.


So it does. I have no idea why the manual page says that. I’ll remove that odd sentence. Panda doesn’t attempt to filter what you pass to FMod.