include .ogg in .p3d

How do I include a .ogg file in a .p3d file?

Are you using packp3d? If so, then when you run packp3d try providing it the “-n” flag with the value “ogg”.

For example, a simple run of packp3d with this flag might look something like this:

packp3d.p3d -n ogg -o myApp.p3d

(It’s possible that the “-e” flag–which is used for compressible file types–might be applicable here instead of the “-n” flag–which is used for non-compressible file types; I’m acting, however, on the assumption that ogg files are already compressed, and thus aren’t likely to gain from attempts at further compression.)

You should be able to get more information on the flags that can be used with packp3d by running packp3d with only the “-h” option, like so:

packp3d.p3d -h

Thank you for your help. This is the best support for a game engine I have had in my life!

For the record, I think it’s possible to store .ogg files compressed (ie. with -e instead of -n), but you wouldn’t be able to skip around in the sound file, and (as Thaumaturge pointed out) there’s nothing to gain from it.