in-depth tutorials

I am a 3d artists new to Panda 3d and Python.
I’ve got some programming experience with Blitz3D.

I am currently writing a game in Blitz, but consider porting it to Panda, as
Blitz, though very easy and powerful, is quite outdated in many areas. In my opinion Panda tutorials are nice but very shorty and they don’t cover nearly enough aspects of the engine.

When I started learning Blitz I read this tutorial
and it really got me up to speed.
I believe something similar would be great for Panda.

I am basically asking for the Roaming Ralph demo in a tutorial with some more features of the engine included (shadows!) and a detailed explanation of each line.

My suggestion: Learn some basic Python first, then take on Panda3D. You need a decent grasp of fundamental Python programming to understand how “Python does things” before tackling Panda3D. This engine is more complex than Blitz (and I do have both Blitz3D and Blitz2D products myself) so I’m not talking from lack of experience there…

The standard Python distro has a wonderful tutorial, a reference and several other documents included to get you on the “Python Path to Programming Pleasure”.

As for a “detailed explanation of each line”, that’s a fairly unrealistic request, IMO. If that were the case, the devs wouldn’t get the next release done! The Panda3D programmers manual and reference are both quite good and you can always study the examples… Good luck!

Thanks for the suggestion, I have already started learning python and there are some excellent references\tutorials on the net for that.

I don’t think it is that hard to produce a detailed tutorial for a simple game as the one I provided in the link, which is made for blitz. It is basically what the tutorial in Panda’s manual does. It’s just that, the tutorial ends too soon and when you are done with it, you are still left wondering about how some basic mechanics of the engine work.

So far the reference manual is pretty clear, I only wish for the tutorial could be expanded a little bit.