improving the Manual

Oh, sorry for the confusion. I meant generating CollisionPolygons from Geom data manually, but I also wrongly assumed that Panda does that automatically when you set Geoms to collide. Actually I’m surprised it doesn’t, sounds like it would be more efficient even if it’s only meant to be used during development.

If CollisionBox creates 6 CollisionPolygons internally, then there shouldn’t be difference, unlike spheres. Made a wrong assumption again.

I’ve also never heard that CollisionPolygons support quads. I’m not sure if other physics engines do, like Bullet.

All Python code snippets in the manual now use the new import system introduced in 1.7.
The modified code snippets were tested and work properly.

I have also put all python code snippets in python code tags for proper syntax highlight.

Also, the PandaAI code snippets had some comments with wrong information, I suggest to regenerate the offline docs to avoid any confusion from the users.

EDIT: I’m also posting a link to the new Features page here in case rdb will forget about it: … D_Features

Many thanks for your contributions!

I’ve just linked the Features page to the manual page.

To everyone: let us know here if you would like to improve or write the manual pages from the list in the first post.

Wow, I had no idea all the rest of the Cg tutorial code was already there! That’s going to help me so much …

Once I’m sure I understand the code and how to explain it properly, I can start trying to write pages for it.

Note that the Cg codes are heavily commented. Maybe the comments are enough by themselves.