Improving Draw Distance?


I am working on a racegame, and I have a problem with the drawdistance. My world pops up in front of the car. Scaling down the environment and the car doesnt work either, because then the environment popup is gone, but my car is only half visible because of the minimal drawing distance (camera too close to polygons). My question is: how can I overcome this problem? I can’t find anything on DrawDistance in the Docu, but perhaps I missed it.

The near and far clipping planes are normally set to 1 unit and 1000 units, respectively.

Panda measures everything in “units,” but it’s not specified whether a “unit” is a foot, or a millimeter, or what. You should decide for yourself what you want the units to be. We usually choose “feet,” mainly because most of the character models in our collection are about 6 units high, and that only makes sense if units are feet.

So once you’ve chosen what “units” mean to you, then you have to make sure your models are right - if you decide that “units” are meters, then you should make sure your characters are about 2 units high, your cars about 3 units long, and so forth.

Then, once you’ve done that, you can set the near and far clipping planes. There are sample programs that do this: search for the functions setNear and setFar.

  • Josh