Importing World of Warcraft’s static models to Panda3D

[size=200]Importing World of Warcraft’s static models to Panda3D[/size]

First off I want to address the legal/copyright issues, because I know someone will comment on this matter.

“Blizzard Entertainment supports the use of its game assets for educational purposes, and you are welcome and encouraged to create a Production for a school project, master’s thesis, etc. All limitations above still apply to Productions created for educational purposes.â€

That is actually interesting, many people would love to mess around with a WoW clone and here is the chance. So if the content can be used for educational purposes could you release all of the eggs for other wow clone builders to use?

NOTE: I myself am not after WoW art having my own collection of high quality models but i think this could be used to rise popularity of the engine.

I actually only have a very limited selection of models that i exported for my project… I think it would be better for people to pick the models they want themselves and export them… It’s very quick once you get the hang of it… There are literally thousands of models in the game… I’ve only exported about 50 or so… :slight_smile:

Also, even though Blizzard allows us to USE assets for educational purposes, I’m not 100% sure about the legality of distributing assets.