Importing animations

Hello all.
I’ve made an animated model in 3ds max, but i don’t know how to create the animation file, because when I export it, it doesn’t show the animation, it exports as an static model.
I’ve got the 3ds max 8 and the panda 3d 1.5.4.
I’ve readed something that the animation has to be with bones. I don’t know how to use bones, but the animation I want to export it’s very simple, is there any way to export it without bones? if there is, what I am doing wrong?

Have you read this? … Studio_Max
It also explains how to export a non-static version.

Yes, I have understood the manual. But I was asking how to export an animation without creating the bones, because my animation doesn’t have it

The current 3ds max exporter cannot do any other animation other then bone animations. I think when exporting animations you have to export the whole scene and not just the selected objects.

Ill be looking into it more today, iv only started too.

ok thanks :slight_smile:
i’ll look how to animate with bones