Import model via .bam and use it as collision object

Hello everyone,

Can you help me out with the following, please?

Render Pipline is set up, and I am using the .bam exporter. I want to use a model (a plane as a test now) created in blender as a collider in panda3d.

Situation: ball hitting a plane. So if I set the collider tag via Yabee exporter - it works.
For the .bam exporter I tried several options.

  1. Get the object from the loaded blender scene and
    object.setCollideMask(BitMask32.bit(0)) like in the panda tutorial.

  2. From Stack Exchange I found: “You should be able to export the collision data from Blender without any setup necessary in Panda3D (no setIntoCollideMask). Go to the Logic panel, then add a String property called “Collide” set to “Polyset keep descend”. Do this for all your wall objects that you want to be collideable, and it will work out of the box.”

Both approaches did not work.