import egg to Blender?

I was trying to import the roaming ralph world model to Blender, but I can’t seem to find any way of getting textured models back to Blender.
Using egg2flt and egg2dxf I can’t import textured models.
Using egg2x creates a valid textured x model when previewed in Pview, but the x importer for Blender hasn’t been usable at all ever since I found Blender.
The only way to get egg to Blender I see is converting it to x, then using another software to convert it to something else (say, obj).
I tried Wings3d and Anim8or, but they can’t import x files.

Does anyone know of any other software I can use for this purpose?

The only solution is to use egg2flt to convert your model to flt format…import it in blender then texture it in the normal way (go to UV/Image Editor and in the edit mode press u and select Unwrap and select the texture then load it also in Texture buttons) then export it to obj format…import it again in a new scene…et Voila, it should work

This is ralph in .obj format

Thanks, well you cant get animated models I guess,

Unfortunately, I don’t think so, if you try to convert egg to flt , the flt file will be empty

I think you have to animate it yourself using armatures

There is now an importer to get .egg files into Blender.

Wow, this thread was in 2010, I think things now are getting better and improved than in 2010 :smiley: