import animated morphs

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As i am newcomer i try to figure out what options i heve with importing of vertex animation into panda. I red Directx format don’t support this, so i wonder wich aplications i could use. Please point all possible ways as i’m looking for a cheap sollution.

Thanks in advance

The phrase “vertex animation” means different things to different people. What, precisely, are you wanting to import?


I want to import some basic shapes like a cylinder wich i have animated to transforms his shape using morph targets (In truespace)
I’m experimenting so far just to outline an easy pipeline, and i don’t mind if i have to use some other 3d modeling application (but maya is quite expensive for enthusiast like me).

Hmm, I would recommend skeletal animations for this kind of simple stuff.
Panda does support morph targets though, but I have no idea which part of the pipeline does and doesn’t implement them.

As far as I know, only maya2egg properly implements morph targets. So if you have your morphs in another modeling package, you’ll need to either convert them to Maya, or extend one of the other converters to support morphs.

I agree with pro-rsoft: use skeletal animation, unless there’s a real good reason to use morphs. Modern animation techniques seem to be favoring skeleton over morphs anyway (which is a big part of why so few Panda converters–and, really, so few file formats–support morphs).


Thanks a lot
I think skeletal animation will be good solution for mine tasks

Yes, this is definitely what i needed.
Thanks again!